Why You’ll Want To Add Vitamin C To Your Skin Care Routine

Out of all the so-called “miracle” ingredients on the skin care scene, it can be hard to tell which ones are the real deal and which are little more than snake oil. One nutrient that’s proven to be worth the hype? Vitamin C—a powerful, safe, science-backed compound that doesn’t just refine your complexion, but actually protects it from future damage.

Here, we break down vitamin C’s benefits for skin, whether you should get it topically or through food, and how to find it on an ingredient list, since it usually goes incognito. (As all the biggest superstars often do.)

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3 Reasons Why You Really Should Care About What’s In Your Hair Products

Safety and performance aren’t usually a package deal in the world of shampoos, conditioners, and styling treatments. So-called “natural” formulas often aren’t potent enough for many hair types, and the hair products that do deliver results tend to contain some pretty questionable ingredients.

Need proof? We’ve rounded up a few surprising facts about hair care—all of which we took into consideration while developing our groundbreaking new collection of safer solutions for your scalp and strands. Once you’re in the know, you’ll never look at your lather-rinse-repeat routine the same way again.

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3 Easy Ways To Use Glow Shimmer Oil

We’re well into Summer, meaning it’s time to show off that sun-kissed skin. Glow Shimmer Oil is the perfect multi-purpose essential for an easy (and safer) way to get that “just got back from vacay” look. This luxurious formula is made with nourishing jojoba, grapeseed, and sesame oils instead of potentially harmful mineral oil so you can glisten worry-free.

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Safer Fun Under the Sun Infographic

We are beyond proud to be partnering with Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) for the third year in a row. This incredible organization raises funds to accelerate the pace of groundbreaking research to get new cancer therapies to patients, faster. It brings together the best and brightest researchers and mandates collaboration among the cancer community. And it has set out to generate awareness, educate the public on cancer prevention, and help more people diagnosed with cancer become long-term survivors.

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5 Ways to Help Change Cosmetic Safety Regulations

We all want safer ingredients in our beauty products, but it takes effort to reform cosmetic safety regulations. The question is, what can you as an individual consumer do to help? As it turns out, quite a lot. From raising awareness about the dangers of harmful chemicals to asking Congress to change legislation, here are five ways you can make a positive impact on the Movement for Better Beauty.

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Beautycounter Hits the Beach: Cleaning up the Sand in Santa Monica

It goes without saying, the ocean is beautiful (Seriously, what sunset-over-the-water photo isn’t perfect?). And we want to keep it that way. So on World Oceans Day, the associates at the Beautycounter office grabbed some gloves and garbage bags and rolled down to the coast to clean up Santa Monica Beach! Here are some highlights from the day:

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An All-New Kind of Moisturizer

We call for a ride with the tap of a finger. We pay for groceries with our thumbprint. And our phones remind us when it’s time to leave for an appointment. We’re surrounded by technology that adjusts to our needs… Why not expect the same from skin care products?

That’s the idea behind Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion, an advanced moisturizer designed to give skin exactly what it needs and nothing it doesn’t. Developed using breakthrough Bio-Mimic Technology, this moisturizer will keep your skin at its peak performance, even in the face of ever-changing aggressors like weather, stress, pollution, and travel. Read on for three reasons why you should make the switch to Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion.

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Why Banning Microbeads from Beauty Products Is a Big Deal

A major – and much needed – policy change is about to take effect in the health and beauty industry. Starting in July, companies will no longer be allowed to manufacture products containing microbeads… and it’s about time.

The next time you wash your face or jump in the shower, take a close look at your favorite scrub or skin polish. Is it packed with little beads? Those are tiny pieces of plastic. They give skin care products a gritty texture which helps to slough off dead skin cells and clear dirt from pores. But, microbeads do a lot more harm than good, they’re bad for the environment and even worse for your health.

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Our Commitment to Safety and Transparency


Bringing truth to beauty is at the core of our mission and we believe transparency is key to creating positive change in the industry. That’s why we want you to know that we’ve issued a voluntary recall of one of our products after learning that it did not meet our high standards.

Through our quality assurance and product testing processes, we discovered that one lot (Lot #1626003) of our Nourishing Day Cream contained a bacteria called Pluralibacter gergoviae. This lot includes the 1.65oz Nourishing Day Cream (sold and recalled in the US), and the 1.5oz Nourishing Day Cream (sold and recalled in the US and CAN), which was a part of the “Our Favorites for Your Favorite” 2016 Holiday gift set.

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5 Reasons Why This Lip Gloss Is Obsession-Worthy

It goes without saying that the perfect lip gloss is definitely hard to find. You want something that has amazing color, isn’t sticky, stays on after a sip from a drink, and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. Your search stops here… Our Lip Gloss checks all the boxes.

Made with carnauba wax, jojoba oil, and vitamin C, Beautycounter Lip Gloss stays smooth and fresh longer. Each sheer color conditions and moisturizes lips and adds lots of shine. Read on for five reasons our Lip Gloss comes out on top:
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