Greenwashing and What 5 Popular Terms on Beauty Products Actually Mean

Wandering down the beauty aisle, you’re likely to see words like “organic” or “chemical-free” on your mascara or body wash labels. They match your healthy lifestyle, so you’re good, right? Actually, it may not be that simple.

Because of major loopholes in U.S. federal law, cosmetics brands are able to boldly make claims like “natural” and “non-toxic” without proper regulations, so most of these terms end up becoming meaningless. This is known as greenwashing.

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Treat Your Baby to the Best

We’ve got some big news for little ones… Calming Diaper Rash Cream and a Classic Diaper Bag just arrived! Perfect for your baby’s delicate skin, the gentle non-nano zinc formula of our Diaper Rash Cream helps reduce and prevent redness, plus it’s safe to use with cloth diapers. And the Diaper Bag features a changing pad and lots of pockets so you can keep all your baby’s essentials together on the go!

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4 Makeup Tips to Weatherproof Your Looks

An amazing beauty routine doesn’t have to suffer in cold, humid, or rainy weather. Here are some tips to work around the weather and stay gorgeous without purchasing waterproof versions of your favorite products.

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What are nanoparticles, and why are they in cosmetics?

Nanotechnology is a science that’s increasingly being applied to electronics, medicine, and—in a huge way—cosmetics.

Many of the biggest international brands are now making products using microscopic nanoparticles, and some even proudly boast about their use of nanotechnology on labels. But, like many ingredients used in personal care products, these tiny particles come with tiny amounts of research related to whether or not they are safe in terms of long-term health effects.

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How to Get Desert-Inspired Looks for Spring

These grey skies are giving us a serious case of spring fever. What better way to treat it than with desert-inspired hues for eyes, cheeks, and lips? Warm up your look with our newly-released Limited Edition Desert Sunrise Palette, including two never-before-seen eyeshadows. We’re absolutely swooning over how this collection of shadows and blushes brings desert colors to life. Plus, we’re introducing two totally new Lip Glosses, Coralbell and Beeblossom, to add bright contrast and complete the spring vibe.

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As we look ahead to a new year and all the possibilities it holds, we find ourselves also looking back on the things we’re most proud of. As a company with game-changing ideas, Beautycounter strives to make positive change that goes beyond product by advocating for higher standards within the beauty industry, supporting organizations aligned with our values, and empowering women and girls in every aspect of our business and mission.

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Why It’s Important To Learn More About Cosmetic Ingredients

At Beautycounter, we use a comprehensive Ingredient Selection Process to develop our formulas that is comprised of five steps: we ban intentionally, screen rigorously, learn constantly, source responsibly, and share transparently. Despite our best efforts, we realize that there are still many potential ingredients for use in beauty products that simply do not have enough safety data.

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Lead in Your Lipstick? The Facts on Heavy Metals in Cosmetics

The term “heavy metal” may not mean much to you (unless it’s referring to the musical genre, of course), but you likely know plenty about lead.

Lead is the headliner of the heavy metals category, due to its devastating and often irreversible effects on brain development and behavior in children, and its serious health risks in exposed adults, such as neurological effects, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, and reproductive toxicity.

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