How To Use Body and Face Oils During The Warmer Months

Contrary to what many might believe, oils are actually perfect for warmer weather, as they’re lighter than a majority of creams. In short: They’re the perfect addition to any summer beauty routine, particularly when they’re derived from pure plant oils (like Beautycounter’s Lustro Body and Face Oils. A tiny drop will absorb instantly and seamlessly to bring out the glow in every skin type, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and soothing parched, dehydrated skin in the process. The end result: Plump and radiant skin that feels nourished, healed, and hydrated. We asked our Head of Creative Design, Christy Coleman, for some tips on using Lustro Body Oil and Lustro Face Oils during the summer months.

1. “Lustro Face Oil is great on the upper cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose, creating the perfect summer highlights. Apply directly on top of makeup to bare skin.”
2. “The light scents of the Lustro Face Oils are also the perfect way to add some natural fragrance to your routine—dab a tiny bit behind the ears and on the pulse point on your wrist.”
3. “If you have a bit left on your hands after application, take what’s left and push it into the cuticles—the summer months can be very dry, particularly in desert-like climes like California.”
4. “It’s the perfect size to stash in your purse and go—it’s perfect for those times when your skin starts to feel dry halfway through the day.”

1. “After you step out of the shower, apply body oil before you dry your body with a towel. The water and oil will emulsify and create a nice light barrier to lock in moisture. Focus extra attention on dry areas like your knees and elbows, and then use what’s left on the rest of your body.”
2. “I always choose the Lustro Body Oil in Citrus + Rosemary for summer, as the herbaceous scent is perfect for warmer months.”
3. “Take a few drops of Lustro Body Oil, rub into the palms of your hands, and then place on the ends of your hair. Then, take the thin coat that’s left over and place all over your hair, staying away from the roots. This adds the perfect summer sheen.”
4. “Add a few dabs to your collarbones: It creates the perfect, subtly sexy highlight.”