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Meet Melissa Magsaysay and Sara Riff of The Hive

Launched by two bonafide fashion industry veterans—Melissa Magsaysay is a Los Angeles Times style section veteran, while Sara Riff is the Director of Entertainment Relations at Jimmy Choo—everything about The Hive is spot on. Riff and Magsaysay once used to bond about things like New York Fashion Week, but after having kids, the  duo realized that there was a whole ‘nother untapped world out there. To service new mamas who crave style and practicality (but don’t have time to do endless amounts of research), the power-duo created The Hive.



From interviews with have-it-all-together moms to one-pot recipes to feed a burgeoning family, Magsaysay and Riff have created a space that’s equal parts aspirational and instructional. It’s pretty much exactly what every new mom craves as a distraction from sleepless nights. We had to know how the two super-moms juggle it all, so we tapped Melissa Magsaysay and Sara Riff of The Hive to tell us what makes them tick.


Your Work

“Important, fulfilling, and constant. I believe the correct term is “workaholic”. Trying to change that. Work in progress.”


AM is about my son, who is up at 6. It’s the best way to start the day, especially because he’s always smiling and happy. Bottle in bed with me and my husband (baby’s not ours) is the calm before the storm of getting ready, breakfast, and emails.
PM is about red wine, dinner with my husband or a friend, and if I’m lucky, catching an episode of Shark Tank.


Family hikes/walks, friends over for a BBQ, yoga, park with my son, and then maybe a little work at night if there’s a pending deadline.


My son. He makes me laugh so much and we can get really silly. My husband also brings me back down to earth with his great advice and dry sense of humor. That, plus time spent with my other family members—mom, dad, brother…


I’ve been on a soup kick lately. Just made a batch of potato leek soup, which literally contains not much more than those two ingredients. I’m a better baker: Banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and blueberry pie are my go-tos.



Never Not Working…unless I’m online shopping (and even then, its “research”).


Early mornings with my daughter in bed, dance class, dinner with friends, red wine, and my husband (sometimes I’ll even walk the dog).


Friday night movie nights. Sleep in….yeah right! Loading everyone in the car for a drive out to Malibu or down to Laguna to escape. Lunch at Nobu or Malibu Farm. Family time. Bliss.


Unplugging + Dance Parties with my daughter. We love listening to music and getting out of our minds.


I’ve been making these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that are beyond…but my husband told me that I am pushing them on people so I’m trying to let them speak for themselves. I also love cooking pasta and making homemade pesto.