20 Small Changes That Can Have a Big Impact In Your Life

You might think making small changes may not always make a difference, but it can be quite the opposite. Believe it or not, Beautycounter was started by one woman who decided to make small changes in her life.

Years ago, Beautycounter Founder & CEO Gregg Renfrew felt the need to make small adjustments to improve her home, diet, and lifestyle. These small changes eventually led to her creating the movement for better beauty.

We wanted to learn more about small changes that others have made in their lives, so we asked! Read on and find out the best tips you shared with us.

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How Serums, Oils, Moisturizers, and Balms Can Improve Your Skin

They may sound similar, but oils, serums, moisturizers, and balms each have different skin benefits. Understanding what each one does and how to use them in your beauty regimen can help unlock your healthiest complexion, especially when you choose products formulated without harmful ingredients. Let us demystify the differences between oils, serums, moisturizers, and balms so you can get the most out of each product and stick to a safer skin care routine.

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3 Powerful Antioxidants You’ll Want to Include In Your Skin Care Routine

Antioxidants are extremely beneficial to your health. Not only can you tap into their power by eating them (think superfoods like goji berries and pomegranate), but you can also benefit from them in your skin care products. They are like revitalizing soldiers, helping to combat the elements responsible for signs of aging.
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Why natural beauty products are not always safer

You may already know that the word “natural” on a food label can be misleading—since it’s an unregulated term and ingredients that occur in nature are not always the healthier choice. Similarly, while it’s not entirely meaningless when used on the label of a face wash or moisturizer, the term can be confusing in the world of personal care and beauty products.
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Demystifying the Myths of Summer Sun Exposure

Summer translates into longer days and warmer weather, both of which usually lead to more fun in the sun. While you probably already know that spending time in the sun increases your skin’s risk of premature aging and cancer, when you’re armed with the right information, there’s a lot you can do to protect yourself. We’ve demystified the top summer sun protection myths, so read on to learn how you can keep yourself safer both on and off the beach.
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5 Things You Need to Know About Different Types of Masks and When to Use Them

More than just a popular trend for skin care connoisseurs, face masks are a simple and effective solution for a variety of skin concerns and every skin type, including oily, dry, maturing, or even sensitive skin. Nourishing and deeply cleansing, Beautycounter+ Facial Masks help to remove impurities and excess oil with powerful yet gentle ingredients, like kaolin clay, purifying charcoal, and essential oils. Keep reading to get the scoop on the many benefits of masks and how to pick the best ones for you.

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The Better-Than-All-Natural Lipstick You Need to Know About

What’s lightweight, moisturizing, and sheer all over? Our five-star Sheer Lipsticks, which are packed with hydrating lip-conditioners and perfectly balanced pigment. Every shade we offer is carefully formulated with a blend of mineral-based and synthetic pigments to ensure a safer swipe of sheer color. In the world of color cosmetics, all-natural lipstick is not always synonymous with non-toxic, and loopholes in federal law have resulted in misleading labels. With all of our formulas, we always strive for transparency and never settle for anything but the best in safety and performance. Here are four things you need to know about our Sheer Lipstick color lineup:

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Why This is the Only Foundation You’ll Ever Want To Wear

The hunt for a foundation that’s lightweight, buildable, and good for your skin ends here. Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation blends seamlessly on a range of skin tones, builds to your ideal coverage, feels weightless all day, and is formulated with sodium hyaluronate to attract and seal in essential moisture. Not all foundations are created equal. Here are five reasons why our best-selling foundation is a customer-voted favorite and a cut above the rest.

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7 Unexpected Ways To Use Facial Oils

By now, you’re probably familiar with the skin care uses for plant-based facial oils, but how about the lesser-known hacks? The same nutrient-rich and vitamin-packed formulas that add radiance to your complexion can also treat cracked cuticles and double as highlighters. Here’s how you can use your Beautycounter facial oils in seven unexpected ways.

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