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Oils might not be the first skin solution you reach for when temperatures rise, but they can also be good in warmer weather—they’re actually lighter than the majority of creams. A few tiny drops will absorb instantly and seamlessly, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, balancing out oil production, and soothing dehydration. The end result: Plump and radiant skin that feels nourished, healthy, and hydrated.

But all-over application isn’t the only way to use these glow-getting products. We asked our Chief Artistic Officer, Christy Coleman, for some face and body oil tips that you might not have considered. Read on for her genius advice!

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Christy Coleman’s Insider
Towel Tips

When we found out that Christy Coleman, our Head of Creative Design and a fashion and celebrity makeup artist, often packs her own towels when she travels, we just had to hear why. “Often, hotels use harsh detergents and bleach, which tend to remain in the fibers and not completely wash out—plus the towels are usually dyed,” says Christy. “I think it’s very important to use the cleanest detergent I can find and organic cotton textiles. I also use the towels I pack to wrap something breakable in my luggage, so the towels do double duty!”

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The Making Of: Lip Sheers

When Christy Coleman, Head of Creative Design, set about to develop the Beautycounter Lip Sheers, she had a very specific set of criteria in mind: She wanted ultra-flattering shades that would work with any skin tone; a conditioning, barely-there formula that would never feel heavy; the perfect sheerness, so that women could layer it on for deeper pigment or apply just the tiniest amount of color. With that end goal in mind, she spent 24 months refining the formula and the color.

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Master Class with Christy Coleman: Dry Skin Brushing

Forget the doctor’s office: The easiest path to fewer colds, reduced cellulite, and softer skin can be found in your bathroom. Dedicating a few minutes to dry skin brushing before your shower can dramatically improve your lymphatic system’s circulation; it will also exfoliate dead skin to help products work better. Here, Beautycounter’s Head of Creative Design Christy Coleman walks us through the technique she swears by.

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60 Seconds With:
Jane Mayle, Fashion Designer

If you know Jane Mayle like I know Jane Mayle, you remember a revolutionary store from almost twenty years ago, where UK-born Jane and her then boyfriend opened Phare, the coolest shop in the East Village. I was entirely obsessed with it. I would save all my money and buy her clothes, and I still remember walking into her curated brick and mortar like it was yesterday.

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Multi-Task Your Beautycounter Products

We here at Beautycounter know that you work hard. We know that whatever is in your wallet should go far. To that end, we’re huge proponents in making our products work much harder than just the one job description indicated on their label (our Founder and CEO Gregg Renfrew uses Kidscounter Shampoo as a bubble bath, too).

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