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An open letter from Beautycounter’s founder and CEO

RE: California must act to protect salon workers from harmful chemicals

Dear Members of the California State Legislature,

I write as the founder of Beautycounter, a company that is a leader in the safer skin care and cleaner cosmetics category. While today, our Consultants number more than 24,000 women sharing our message and products across the U.S., our origins are far more humble: my search for safer products for my family.

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The 8 Things That Made Gregg Renfrew’s Week Great

It’s been a whirlwind end to spring: We have recently hit some exciting milestones here at Beautycounter, and I am beginning to see the payoff of three years of behind-the-scenes hard work. I’m also starting to see real change in the way that people think about food, health, and sustainability. This collective shift is inspiring. This weekend I will be with family relishing in the little things that make me appreciate just how lucky we are to be a part of this movement. Here, the 8 things I’m loving this week.

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The 10 Things That Made My Week Great

This past week, I hit the road to meet the Consultants who tirelessly work with us (thank you, Colorado). During my down time on plane rides and in hotel rooms, I read some eye-opening books – books about balance, parenting, and the world we live in today – that have re-invigorated me to be a better leader, mother, and world citizen. Mixed within the continuous self-improvement, are the little things that let me relish life, like having an al fresco dinner in the backyard and celebrating our Glow Sugar Scrub‘s long-awaited reappearance. Here, the 10 things that made my week great.

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Safer Mattress Buying Guide

Even those of us who are sleep deprived probably spend 2,000 hours a year in our beds. Babies, who are undergoing processes of critical developmental while they sleep, sometimes spend 10 hours a night (if their parents are lucky) on crib mattresses. Mattresses—particularly crib mattresses—can contain some really nasty hidden toxins, including unnecessary flame retardant chemicals, PVC (vinyl) plastic, and allergens. The problem with these toxic chemicals? They can be released from the mattress into the air that you breathe, as well as settle in house dust providing ongoing exposure to you and your family. These hazardous chemicals are linked to many serious health issues, including endocrine disruption, thyroid problems, learning deficits, hyperactivity, hypospadias, reduced ovarian follicles, reduced sperm count, cancer, and more. Click here for a more in-depth study of the impact of mattresses on these issues.

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The 8 Things That Made My Week Great

In our household, spring break is more than just a simple pause from school: It also kickstarts the annual vacation that we take to the Bahamas. Our trip this year was even sweeter than years past. My children are growing quickly, and in the thick of one of our biggest months of business, it was nice to pick my head up from work and really relish our time together. It was all about the little things this week, like indulging in the best sweet potato tortilla chips, and finding myself wrapped up in a fascinating, possibly life-changing read. Here, the 8 things that made my week, great.

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The 11 Things That Made My Week, Great

After spending so much time on the road last week, I’ve been bring my focus back to my health (both mental and physical). There are the snacks I’ve been relying on to get me through long days, and the drinks that makes my workouts feel better. This week, there was also the huge honor of being featured in the Business Insider as 1 of 35 companies who are revolutionizing retail. And of course, this week was dotted with pretty (and useful) discoveries along the way. Here, the 9 things that made my week great.

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11 Things That Made My Week

I spend much of my time on the road. It’s important to me to meet all of our Consultants who spend their days interacting with clients every single day. I make it a priority to venture out to the field—we celebrate the triumphs and work through the hardships, together as one big team. Last week, I spent my week on the East Coast. Here, the things that made my travels easier, my work feel important, and quite simply, made me happy.

xx, Gregg

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Balancing Act:
Beautycounter’s Gregg Renfrew


Whenever we encounter the intense—and magnetic—energy of an entrepreneur we always have to ask: “How do you do it all?” The answer is all in the balance. Though she may run a rapidly growing start-up that’s intent on getting safer beauty products into the hands of everyone, Beautycounter founder and CEO, Gregg Renfrew is equally a mother and wife, too.

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