The Easiest Way to Prevent Wrinkles

Fighting those inevitable fine lines and wrinkles may seem like it takes a village, but our Head of Creative Design, Christy Coleman, swears that part of prevention depends on the simple art of washing your face. The math is simple—dragging your hands across your face twice a day, everyday, can exacerbate gravity’s work. So, Christy has a few tips for ensuring that daily ritual helps the process, rather than hurts.

Face Cleanser

Start by splashing cold water on your face. Squeeze a dime-size amount of Routine Clean Cream Cleanser onto fingers and rub together. Then, massage gently it into your skin in an upward circular motion. When washing around your eyes, use your ring finger in soft circular strokes. Splash off with warm water and end with a couple splashes of cold water. Always pat dry and never pull on skin.


When applying day or night lotion, squeeze a dime-size amount into your fingers and rub hands together. Pat lotion gently into face, and then move your hands down to your décolleté and sweep towards your jawline in an upward motion.

Face Oil

place a couple of drops into the palm of your hands and rub together. Then, pat onto cheeks, forehead, and under nose. With your ring finger, press lightly under your brow bone and temples—this is a great stress reliever that will go a long way toward preventing wrinkles.

Eye Cream

Squeeze a small amount onto the back of your hand. Then, pat onto your eyes using your ring finger starting at the outer corner of your eye. Move your finger down toward the top of your cheekbone and inward toward the bridge of your nose. Then, go over the lid of the eye taking care not to get too close to the lash line.