Gentle Exfoliator Polishing Cream

Gentle Exfoliator Polishing Cream

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This gentle yet super-effective exfoliating cleanser sweeps away impurities to uncover fresh, radiant skin. Non-abrasive ... read more
  • EWG's Skin Deep Rating: 2
  • Ingredients: Every ingredient we use represents our commitment to a higher standard of safety in skincare ... all ingredients
  • Materials: Tube - #4, Cap - #5. 30% PCR minimum.
    Empty and recycle.

Many facial scrubs exfoliate the skin with tiny plastic beads, which can sneak past waste water treatment facilities and end up in waterways, affecting wildlife. Our Gentle Exfoliator uses natural, biodegradable jojoba beads rather than plastic, so that our rivers and oceans stay clean.

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