Beauty Can Do Better

The U.S. has not passed a major federal law governing the cosmetics industry since 1938. (Ahem—that’s over 80 years.) The European Union has banned or restricted 1,400 INGREDIENTS from personal care products. The United States has banned or restricted only 30—and to us, that’s simply not good enough. Changing the beauty industry means more than simply making safer products. We are proud to be the leading company advocating for more health-protective legislation across North America.

In The US

Over the past six years, we have worked with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to ensure issues like ingredient review, labeling and recalls for products that cause harm are consumer safety priorities. In addition, our Consultants host hundreds of District Meetings with Members of Congress advocating for updates to laws governing personal care products. Our collective voices are making a difference: more than 1,000 meetings, 10,000 calls and 100,000 emails later, more lawmakers than ever are placing cosmetics safety at the top of their legislative agendas.

State By State

Individual states have led the way in passing cosmetic reform legislation, and we have played critical roles in protecting children, workers and the public in states like Oregon, Hawaii and California. By lending our business voice and the support of Consultants and Clients across the country, we’ve raised the profile of personal care product legislation, and put many into law. Looking ahead, we anticipate state action in the areas of labeling and fragrance disclosure.

In Canada

Since our expansion into Canada in 2016, we have engaged with Members of Parliament (MPs) to advocate for reform of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). Our grassroots network of Consultants have hosted hundreds of District Meeting with MPs to elevate issues like codifying the list of prohibited ingredients, prohibiting phthalates from being used in cosmetics and closing the fragrance loophole.