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The 2019 Social Mission Report

From day one, we have been setting the cleanest and safest standards in beauty, constantly challenging the industry—and ourselves—to do better. In the past year, we’ve upped our game to meet the highest standards:
  • We’ve increased our Never List™ to more than 1,800 ingredients that we’ll never use in our formulations.
  • We’ve conducted phone audits for 100% of our mica suppliers, as part of our best-in-class responsible sourcing program.
  • We supported Congress’ first vote on cosmetics reform in more than 80 years.
  • We diverted an estimated 76% of our HQ waste from ending up in landfills.
The best part? We’re just getting started.

The Year of Safety

It’s not enough to only create safer products; to us, it’s about setting the highest bar for safety in the beauty industry. A lot can happen in 365 days, and here are a few achievements we’re pretty proud of:

Our Blueprint for Clean™

We defined 12 essential safety standards that any partner who works with us (from sourcing to manufacturing to testing) must adhere to, and will be verifying that all suppliers are in compliance with this during 2020. Learn more about them here.

Our In-House Lab

We continued to build our robust in-house team of scientists at HQ. With 65 years of experience between them, they conduct research, development, and safety testing for our formulations (in addition to our trusty third-party labs, of course).
Researchers in Beautycounter's In-house Lab

Our Science Advisory Council

We created this third-party group to help us stay up-to-date on the latest scientific research, because, hey—cleaning up an industry isn’t a solo act. The cutting-edge council is composed of seven of the world’s leading doctors and researchers.

Safety is in our DNA. Here’s a little
#betterbeauty refresher—by the numbers:

1800+ Banned Ingredients

(For reference, we’re outpacing industry standards: 1400 in the EU, 600 in Canada, and 30 in the U.S.)
We also test many raw materials for Never List™ contaminants. Here are the big ones:
  • Formaldehyde
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Arsenic
  • Mercury
  • Antimony
  • (and many more!)
Female Scientist in the Beautycounter Lab

Fragrance Transparency

We disclose all of our fragrances, including EU allergens, where applicable. (It’s just safer that way.)

18 Approved Colorants

We’re really strict about keeping our makeup clean, including colorants (the pigments that give makeup their color).
(The EU approves 153, and the US approves 65.)

Taking it to 100%

  • 100% of our cosmetics are tested for heavy metals. We test obsessively—multiple times—and share some of the most impactful results on our website.
  • 100% of our products are tested for allergens as applicable, a.k.a.: soy, gluten, and peanuts.
  • We are eliminating talc from 100% of our products by 2022.

Strides in Sustainability

In the last year, we turned even more attention to protecting the people and resources that help bring our products to market. Here’s what we did:

Responsible Sourcing

Beautycounter launched a comprehensive responsible sourcing program, focusing on high-risk ingredients such as mica, palm, and vanilla.


Our mica suppliers span four continents and, to date, we’ve audited 100% of them by phone and 77% on the ground. Audits are the first step to reduce and prevent human rights abuses (like forced or child labor) in our mica supply chain. By the end of 2020, we will have audited 100% of our mica suppliers in person, while partnering with technology platform Sourcemap to trace who is producing our mica and where it’s coming from. We also initiated a partnership with Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation to better understand the local politics of India and support solutions to roll out a comprehensive plan for the legalization of mica mining.


Palm can be a controversial ingredient, as its harvest often has unethical working conditions and serious environmental impacts. That’s why we’re focusing on responsibly sourced palm formulas, and joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) as they recently upgraded and further legitimized their standards.


The vanilla industry is known for human rights issues, from child labor to wage theft. We’ve been working with a best-in-class supplier to audit a new sustainable vanilla supply, pushing the industry to do responsible sourcing better.

HQ Initiatives

It starts with us.
  • An estimated 76% of HQ waste is diverted from landfills through our recycling and composting programs.
  • 100% of carbon emissions from HQ associate travel are offset through a leading sustainability agency, which invests both locally and globally in renewable energy and community development projects.

An A+ Year for Advocacy

We wrapped up the decade solidifying our role as the leader in clean beauty. Here’s a roundup of what we’ve achieved in the past seven years.

Making History

Gregg Renfrew, our fearless founder, was the first clean beauty CEO to testify as an expert witness at a hearing on cosmetic reform in Congress.
Beautycounter endorsed the Natural Cosmetics Act, the first bill to combat greenwashing in the beauty industry in the U.S.
We traveled to Ottawa with 25 Consultants to lobby Parliament for stronger personal care product safety laws.
And we supported the first vote on cosmetics in Congress in more than 80 years—the Cosmetic Safety Enhancement Act.

Making Change

We have supported laws that matter since day one:
Toxic Free Kids Act (Oregon)
The Safer Sunscreen Bill (Hawaii)
Cleaning Product Right to Know Act (California)
Safer Salon Bill (California)
Microbead-Free Waters Act (U.S.)
Pollution Prevention for Our Future Act (Washington)

Making Noise

Urging lawmakers to support cosmetic reform with:
  • 150,000 texts
  • 15,000 phone calls
  • 1,500 meetings with over 350 Consultants (in Canada and the U.S.)

Making Moves

We’re actively working on 13 #betterbeauty laws.

An Unstoppable Community

Our HQ team, our Consultants, and our #betterbeauty supporters have been driving our movement forward since day one—and together we’ve made quite an impact:

$2.7 million

in cash and product donations to date made to our trusted partners.


social media posts with the hashtag #BETTERBEAUTY

26 million

clean and safer products sold.


proud and passionate Consultant advocates (a.k.a., our leaders in clean).

And the numbers keep growing.

Mission Reports from Previous Years

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