We’re Thinking Outside the Box

When it comes to product packaging, it’s not just what’s inside that counts. We’ve been careful to assess the impact our packaging may have on the environment—as well as our health. Bottom line, our packaging has high standards, too. Here’s how our sustainable packaging initiatives are making clean beauty look even better.
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Thinking “Less is More”

We’ve been working with our internal and external research and development teams to design with even fewer packaging materials. Have you seen our Charcoal Cleansing Bar? Unlike most soaps on the market, it comes in plastic-free packaging, in a paper carton. This summer, we’re launching a new sustainable shipper that uses 30% less material than traditional boxes, 30% less waste and a lighter carbon footprint. Be on the lookout for more package-less products.

Keeping Score

We’ve developed a Packaging Scorecard that helps guide packaging design decision-making around sustainability, performance, and logistics. Unique to Beautycounter, the Packaging Scorecard was developed to enable us to simultaneously consider functionality, sustainability, cost, and aesthetic appeal. The tool incorporates indicators for energy and water use, recoverability, emissions potential, supplier quality, and more. Basically, if a packaging option doesn’t meet our standards, we figure it out. As we fine-tune this tool, it will help us make even better packaging decisions.

Looking for clean beauty products that protect your health and the environment?